Tangents plans both short and long term
Q1 2022
TANG Whitepaper Release v1
Tangent.Art Website Launch
Tangent Ambassador Programme Soft Launch
Commencement of Pre- Listing Marketing Campaign
Q2 2022
Catalyst Fund 9 Proposals
Whitepaper v1.2 Launch
Tangent Ambassador Programme Full Launch
Commence Pre-listing Marketing Campaign
Tangent x Kwrtz // Operative Artwork Creation
Development Team Expansion
Q3 2022
Back End Designing & Technical Development of NFT Staking Platform
NFT Farm & Redeemable NFT Launchpad UI/UX Design
Catalyst Fund 9 Voting Results
NFT Farming Platform Testnet (Closed Alpha)
Paid marketing campaign launch with key-influencers across YouTube, TikTok & Facebook.
Tangent.Art Upgrading
Q4 2022
Back End Development of NFT Launchpad
Cardano Summit 2022, Switzerland
Cardanaires NFT Series Exhibition at Cardano Summit 2022
Private Channel Creation for Cardanaires NFT Holders within Discord
Tangent x Kwrtz NFT Minting Event
Q1 2023
Testnet of Tangent DeFi App
TANG Token Generation Event
Public TANG Token Sale Rounds 1 & 2
TANG Listing on Cardano Network DEX
TANG Token Trading Launch on CEX (1)
TANG Token Farming & Staking Launch
Tangent x Kwrtz Operative Artwork NFT Sale
Tangent x Kwrtz Operative Artwork NFT Marketplace
Q2 2023
Whitepaper v2 Launch
Catalyst Fund 10 Proposals
Publication of Ethereum2Cardano Developer Dictionary
Q3 2023
Cataylst Fund 10 Voting Results
Tangent NFT Farming Platform Flagship Launch
First TangentDAO Meeting
Start of TangentDAO on-chain Governance Proposals & Voting
Creation of Cardano Opensource Alliance
Tangent x Cardanaires Card Game Mainnet Launch
Tanglobe Metaverse Game Announcement
TangentDAO Governance Parameters Annoucement
Tangent NFT Farm v2 Incentivised Testnet
Second TangentDAO Member Meeting
CNFT Artist & Mint Competition (1)
Redeemable NFT Launchpad Genesis Launch
Tanglobe Metaverse Game Testnet & Feedback
CNFT Artist & Competition (2)
Token Trading Launch on CEX (2)
Q4 2023
Third TangentDAO Member Meeting
Tangent NFT Farm v2 Mainnet Launch
CNFT Artist & Mint Competition (3)
Launch of Ethereum2Cardano Dictionary v2
Tanglobe Metaverse Land Sale
Tanglobe Metaverse Mainnet Launch