Introduction to Tangent

An overview of what makes us different
Tangent is the radical Art & Finance project built on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.
With a focus on the development of Non-Fungible Tokens and their applications within art and digital finance, Tangent combines staking with Operative Artwork through a ground-breaking aesthetically pleasing on-chain platform.
Tangent aims to continuously support digital artists through a dedicated financing system to aid artists in achieving the recognition & exposure deserved. Tangent will harness the power of our community by forming an Ambassadorship programme to empower our users and help grow Tangent into one of the most innovative projects to launch in recent months, on the Cardano network.
The Tang Dynasty: Marked by strong and benevolent rule, economic expansion, and a cultural efflorescence of cosmopolitan style, the Tang dynasty emerged as one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. The token name ‘TANG’ is our homage to both the IOHK Foundation & our saviour Charles Hoskinson which laid the foundation for the Cardano Network today, whilst calling the wonderful city of Hong Kong his home.
  • Hong Kong entered a new era under the Tang Dynasty.
  • Blockchain entered a new realm when Cardano was born.
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